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Welcome to Canon Fodder!

Star Trek, with its five live-action series and eleven movies, is an extremely complex piece of fiction. As such, it can't be free of continuity issues. Whether it's the changing make-up of alien species, the contradictory size of Federation space or the design of Enterprise NX-01, there is no satisfactory canonical solution to many inconsistencies. But what would Star Trek be without caring fans who conceive ingenious theories to fix continuity issues, fans who attempt to tie up loose ends that exist in canon Trek?

Canon Fodder started off as a repository for the near-legendary posts of Bond, James Bond, at the SCN. In the future the site is supposed to present fan theories on a variety of topics which include, but are not limited to: Alien Races, Starships, Science & Technology, History, Cartography, Society & Culture, Biographies.

The site is organized as a simple content management system (CMS) with restricted write access. Canon Fodder is not Wikipedia! Due to its nature we have to carefully select who is allowed to post. Please contact us if you are interested in posting, and include a list with some ideas or some samples.

Contributors should read the complete manual.

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