The Preservers

The Preservers have only been mentioned once, yet they may be responsible for some of the most unusual phenomena in the galaxy. They were first mentioned in TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome" as having relocated several tribes of Delaware, Navajo, and Mohican Indians from Earth and transplanted them to the planet Amerind. Who the Preservers are and where they come from has never been reveiled nor have they shown up again on any other Star Trek episodes. Though my personal theory is that they are the same people who created Armus (TNG: "Skin of Evil"). Armus later destroyed their world Vagra II and they left him behind. Not wanting to see anything similar happen to any other worlds they set out to preserve any cultures or species they deemed worthy of preservation. Among the many planets and cultures thought to be their handywork are: The Xindi article is from an earlier writing that I included here as it fits into my musings about the Preservers.

(Theory by Razor)