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Where Have You Gone?

This is some speculation about what happened to some supporting and guest characters after we stopped seeing them on their respective series.


Had Spock's child from their mating on the Genesis Planet, and then much later married him (was originally the plan in ST:IV but not shown but in TNG it's mentioned that Picard attended the wedding of Sarek's son). Later went on to become a Captain and an Admiral according to some novels. Thankfully the plans to have the treacherous Vulcan in ST:VI be Saavik were dropped in favor of creating a new character, Lt. Valeris.

Ben Maxwell

Was imprisoned, but later released after it turned out his accusations about the Cardassians were correct. Left Starfleet and became one of the leading strategists of the Maquis. Survived the Maquis slaughter and rejoined Starfleet when they needed everyone they could get and fought on the Cardassian front during the Dominion War.

Thomas Riker

Survived the destruction on Cardassia by being in an off-world labor camp. After the war he was released by the new Cardassian government and pursued Deanna Troi, only to find out she had married Will. Unable to return to Starfleet because of his repeated actions against it and the fact that he could still pose as Will Riker, he got a job as a freighter captain.

Sito Jaxa

Instead of killing her, the Cardassians took her prisoner, tortured her for information, and told the Federation she died (backing that report up with debris from her shuttle). They held her for years in the same labor camp as Riker, and she was finally repatriated after the war. She has been reinstated in Starfleet with a raise in rank and numerous medals, but she is also troubled by the years of abuse and torture. She served on Worf's ambassadorial security detail (at his request) and later returned with him to the Enterprise-E.

Commander Sela

Was a hero of the Dominion War where she grudgingly had to ally herself with Picard and crew. Opposed Shinzon's coup, and took several dozen Warbird's under her command to a secret location once he launched his attack on the Romulan Senate. Returned months later after Shinzon was killed and the USS Titan's task force had left Romulan space (she had spies observing the whole time), and allied with Commander Donatra to bring down the government of Praetor Tal'Aura (yes, the same Senator that planted the Thalaron Bomb in Nemesis) and Proconsul Tomalak (the new heads of state were named in "Titan: Taking Wing") and established herself as Praetor with Donatra as Proconsul.

(Theory by Bond, James Bond)

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