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How to create a page

The headings are used for splitting up the content file. An H1, H2 or H3 heading will dynamically split the document into new pages in the table of contents. An H4 heading is used as a heading within a page.

It is important that you insert any headings for new pages at the very end of the page you are editing, as all content below the H1, H2 or H3 heading will go onto that new page.

Important notice: Never copy your text from Winword or any other "advanced" text processor directly into this site's editor!!!
The text must not have the slightest formatting (like Winword or CSS) prior to being used here, otherwise the layout and even the page breaks will be completely and irretrievably screwed up. In order to avoid that, take the text from a plain text editor like Wordpad or alternatively directly from a browser window. Once it is in the database, all text will be auto-formatted in accordance with CF standards.

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