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How to format text and images

Here are a few recommendations regarding text at Canon Fodder (CF):

Important notice: Never copy your text from Winword or any other "advanced" text processor directly into this site's editor!!!
The text must not have the slightest formatting (like Winword or CSS) prior to being used here, otherwise the layout and even the page breaks will be completely destroyed and will have to be retrieved from a backup. In order to avoid that, take the text from a plain text editor like Wordpad. Once it is in the database, all text will be auto-formatted in accordance with CF standards.
  • Never use the underline format because it looks like links. Use bold or italics for emphasized text.
  • Quote in italics. Example: "It will be fun."
  • Consistently refer to episodes and movies like TNG: "The Pegasus" or "Star Trek: First Contact", respectively.
  • You can use unsorted or numbered lists from the menu above. Avoid making lists with normal text and manual numbering.
  • Separate paragraphs with only one blank line.
  • Avoid blank lines directly above and below any headings (the required extra space will be created automatically).
  • Add a credit line at the very end of the page. Example: (Theory by Yourname)
  • Remove blank lines at the very bottom of any page.
  • There is a bug with internal links which, through the use of the leading "/" point at the server root, but CF is not at the server root. You have to remove the leading "/" from all relative links in the HTML view until the script is fixed.

And here are some image formatting rules:

  • Every page must have an image in the upper right corner with the exact dimensions 216x162 pixels and preferably a link to a bigger version.
  • All image file names must strictly adhere to the following pattern: no spaces, no special characters except for "-" and "_", no capital letters.
  • All images have default alignment (that means, left, and within the text line) when you insert them. You should change that, but you have to do it in HTML mode. Insert the alignment align="right" between the image link and the closing >. Caution: The HTML editor has an evil bug. Sometimes the displayed caret position is one character off!

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