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Deck 78

Reasons for the infamous deck numbers in "Star Trek V":
  • It was Deck 7, Section 8.
  • It was Section 78 of an unknown deck.
  • The people at Utopia Planitia accidently painted the wrong deck numbers.
  • Each turboshaft has different deck numbers to indicate which shaft you're in in case of emergency.
  • Starfleet outsourced interior painting jobs to the Pakleds.
  • There be wormholes here!
  • Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were smokin' the wacky tobacky and hallucinated the wrong deck number.
  • Captain Styles was getting back at Scotty for stealing the Excelsior's spark plugs and repainted all the Enterprise's deck numbers wrong to confuse the geriatric crew.
  • A space/time anomaly merged the Pit O' Doom on the Enterprise-E with the Neverending Turbolift of the Enterprise-A.
  • [Led Zeppelin] And they're fly-i-ing the, tur-bo-shaft, to... heavaaaaan. [/Led Zeppelin]
  • You know how in Las Vegas there's no 13th floor on any of the hotels because they think it's an unlucky number? Well, Starfleet considers decks 22-77 bad luck.
  • In the infamous "lost episode" of TOS, Kirk stole the Tardis. No one ever found out where he hid it.
(Theory by Bond, James Bond)

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