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NX Class Production History

The new Warp-5 capable NX Class starship was originally ordered in a nine ship production run by the Starfleet Command of the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA), with the lead ship being delivered in FY 2151. They were all to be named after early US and Soviet/Russian STS test vehicles and operational shuttles.

Ships of original production run

NX-01 Enterprise 2151-2161 / NCC-01 USS Dauntless 2161-?*
NX-02 Columbia 2153-2203 / SS Columbia ?-2236*
NX-03 Challenger 2154-?
NX-04 Discovery 2154-?
NX-05 Atlantis 2155-?
NX-06 Endeavour 2155-?
NX-07 Pathfinder 2155-?*
NX-08 Buran 2156-?
NX-09 Ptichka 2156-2156 / NX-09 Avenger 2156-?*

Following the beginning of hostilities in the Romulan War in 2156, NX-09 Ptichka was renamed Avenger during construction in keeping with the new US/UK combat aircraft of WWII naming scheme befitting the more militaristic atmosphere of the day. An additional indefinite numbered production run that was to culminate with the end of the war was ordered. Though the war was largely between only the United Earth and the Romulan Star Empire, members of the newly formed Coalition of Planets did provide material support and the use of their shipyards to the United Earth war effort, thus accounting for the greatly increased wartime production run.

Earth-Romulan War era NX Class ships

NX-10 Swordfish
NX-11 Typhoon
NX-12 Marauder
NX-13 Unassigned*
NX-14 Halifax
NX-15 Devastator
NX-16 Spitfire
NX-17 Tempest
NX-18 Mustang
NX-19 Mosquito
NX-20 Warhawk
NX-21 Hellcat
NX-22 Corsair
NX-23 Thunderbolt
NX-24 Hurricane
NX-25 Barracuda
NX-26 Liberator
NX-27 Invader
NX-28 Wellington
NX-29 Vampire
NX-30 Meteor
NX-31 Wildcat
NX-32 Lightning
NX-33 Black Widow
NX-34 Buffalo
NX-35 Mitchell
NX-36 Lancaster
NX-37 Hudson
NX-38 Stirling 2160-?

(2160 = End of Earth-Romulan War and end of NX production run)

Following the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, all NX Class vessels were gradually refit to utilize the new warp-7 engines that equalized the speeds of all Federation Human and alien starships. Upon refit and relaunch, the ships were rechristened with their new NCC-__ Federation registries. The NX designation was held over only for experimental vessels. The class name was changed from NX Class to the Enterprise Class in honor of the lead ship, the former NX-01 Enterprise, now renamed the NCC-01 USS Dauntless. They formed the bulk of the Human contribution to the fledgling Federation Starfleet for the remainder of the 22nd century along with the new purpose-built Warp-7 Daedalus Class; the first ships designed and constructed with input by all the new Federation members, hence its smooth hull design which was all about practicality over aesthetics.


  • After its retirement in 2161, the NX-01 Enterprise was refit with the new Warp-7 engine and relaunched with a new name befitting the new class naming scheme of WWII Allied aircraft. It was rechristened as the NCC-01 USS Dauntless. This ship would go on to have an equally illustrious career as its first incarnation, eventually inspiring the 24th century NX-01-A USS Dauntless, made famous even before launch when its plans were stolen by the Delta Quadrant alien Arturis in order to plot his revenge on the crew of the USS Voyager by constructing a particle synthesized decoy of the vessel. The Dauntless was reclassified as the NCC-01-A following its test phase and Dauntless Class vessels went on to serve the Federation well into the 26th century.
  • Following its retirement from Starfleet in 2203 after fulfilling its expected 50 year service life, the NX/NCC-02 Columbia was refit for civilian service and had a further distinguished career as the research survey ship SS Columbia. It was lost with all hands save one when it crashed on Talos IV in 2236.
  • Pathfinder was the name of the STS ground test full-scale shuttle mock-up. It was not flight capable.
  • Ptichka was the name of the second planned Soviet space shuttle following Buran. It was never completed and never flew. The ship was renamed Avenger in 2156 following the unprovoked Romulan sneak attack on border outpost Station Salem-One which was the opening shots of what would come to be known as the Earth-Romulan War. Cries of "Avenge Salem-One!" throughout Earth society of the day lead to the ship being given Starfleet permission to be renamed the NX-09 Avenger by its captain, Aaron Stiles, who was later killed in combat during the Battle of Vorkado. The Avenger, like most Federation ships, also had a twin in the form of the Mirror Universe's own NX-09 Avenger, though that ship was launched earlier due to the accelerated production and slightly more advanced tech level of the Mirror Universe.
  • Though superstition was mostly a thing of the past amongst Humanity as a whole, it was still alive and well in Starfleet, at least as far as assigning ship registries was concerned. Hence there being no ship assigned the NX-13 registry.
(Theory by Bond, James Bond)

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