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Human-Looking Aliens

Here is another possible reason for the high number of human-looking aliens.

Out of the great void came the universe, its galaxies, star systems and suns. Everything that exists, and will ever exist, was spawned from the primordial plasma of time's beginning. Over billions of years, planets formed, and life arose through a steady progression of increasingly complex organisms. Woven into and intertwined with all of this - from the smallest molecule to the largest star - are patterns of space-time known as "morphogenetic fields".

Morphogenetic fields are non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms. A morphogenetic field, is an equivalent to an electromagnetic field that carries information only, not energy, and are available throughout time and space without any loss of intensity after they have been created. They are created by the patterns of physical forms and help guide the formation of later similar systems where a newly forming system "tunes into" a previous system by having within it a "seed" that resonates with a similar seed in the earlier form. Thus, the DNA in the genes of a living system does not carry all the information needed to shape that system, but it can act as a "tuning seed" that tunes in the morphogenetic fields of previous systems of the same type.

Since morphogenetic fields are reinforced by every successive generation, most habitable planets in the galaxy evolved with many physically similar lifeforms (e.g. fish, trees, insects), and on many of those worlds with at least one sentient species with a humanoid configuration (bilaterally symmetrical, upright posture, two arms, two legs, hands, feet, one thorax, a neck a head with a brain located in it). The first sentient life to form in the universe was a humanoid species and they established the morphogenetic field for all humanoid species throughout this universe, insuring they would evolve on other planets.

A significant percentage of those species are outwardly indistinguishable from humans, right down to such physical minutiae as the same ethnological phenotypes, hair patterns, fingernails and even cartilaginous foldings of the nose and ears. The reason they are so astonishingly similar to the human race is because the "human form" is the same physiognomic archetype of the first humanoids and therefore represents the basic way that evolution most likely takes for the dominant sentient mammalian species on an average Earth-like planet under the influence of the morphogenetic field and the other humanoid races evolved under very specific and usually unique environmental conditions that would have been inhospitable to the human form during the evolutionary process.

(Theory by Progenitor)

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