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Sentient Lifeforms from Earth

How many sentient lifeforms have evolved on Earth or have been created by human beings either directly or indirectly?

* Animals who have passed the "mirror test" evaluation of self-awareness by being able to recognize that an animal in a mirror is themselves. Indicates a level of intelligence beyond that of a two year old human, who cannot recognize themselves in a mirror on average.

# Humans with genetic differences or powers that seperate them from the majority of the human race.

Definite Candidates

  • Voth
  • Humans
  • Augments #
  • Humans with psionic or telepathic abilities # (Gary Mitchell and Miranda Jones)
  • Wesley Crusher # (Traveller)
  • Whales (Spock can communicate with them and they can express feelings about their personal treatment)
  • Dolphins *
  • Orangutans *
  • Chimpanzees *
  • Flynt # (is he human?)
  • Voyager VI / V'Ger
  • M5 Computer
  • Enterprise-D emergent lifeform
  • Moriarty-type holo-entity
  • Other random sentience attaining holograms
  • Nomad
  • Voyager EMH Mk.1
  • Other Zimmerman-type holo-entities
  • Soong-type androids
  • Sentient nanites

Possibles (though not officially on the list)

  • Anaphasic lifeform - Ronin (No mention of where it was from but it had lived on Earth for a long time so it could possibly have come from there though it could traverse space)
  • Whale Probe Aliens (It's possible they are whales themselves from the distant future or perhaps they seeded the whales like the progenitors of humanoid life?)
  • Redjac
  • The "Muse" (Onaya?)
It would seem that Earth may be one of the most diverse planets in the known galaxy, even before taking into account synthetic or biological beings created by humans.

(Theory by Bond, James Bond)

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