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The Preservers

The Preservers have only been mentioned once, yet they may be responsible for some of the most unusual phenomena in the galaxy. They were first mentioned in TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome" as having relocated several tribes of Delaware, Navajo, and Mohican Indians from Earth and transplanted them to the planet Amerind. Who the Preservers are and where they come from has never been reveiled nor have they shown up again on any other Star Trek episodes. Though my personal theory is that they are the same people who created Armus (TNG: "Skin of Evil"). Armus later destroyed their world Vagra II and they left him behind. Not wanting to see anything similar happen to any other worlds they set out to preserve any cultures or species they deemed worthy of preservation. Among the many planets and cultures thought to be their handywork are:
  • The Roman culture on planet 892-IV (TOS: "Bread and Circuses") may have resulted from the Preservers relocating a small population of Roman citizens during the days of the Roman Republic.
  • "Miri's Planet" (TOS: "Miri") is thought to be a terraformed duplicate of Earth that the Presevers created to help them save some of Earth's more facinating cultures, where its population comes from is anyone's guess but the lost colony of Roanoke is one good contender. Apparently trying to terraform Earth proved more difficult than originally thought as several other worlds have similar geographical features to Earth. Perhaps they were early attempts to terraform a similar planet (ENT: "The Augments", see above).
  • The Voth (VOY: "Distant Origin") may be one of the earliest experiments by the Preservers. The Voth appear to have originated on Earth as a species of dinosaur known as Hadrosaurs. The Preservers may have found a large heard of them surving the apocolypse created by an asteroid hit. Seeing the potentiual in the species they relocated them to another planet in the Delta Quadrant. The Hadrosaurs eventually evolved into a humanoid form known as the Voth.
  • The Preservers may have also had a a hand in the Xindi's evolution. Before it was destroyed in the last great war among the Xindi their homeworld Xindus was said to be a planet of stunning natural beauty. Imense Crystal mountains dense forests and vast indigo oceans could be found on Xindus. Unlike Earth or Betazed the continental regions of Xindus were not terribly large. The planet was mostly made up of a dozen or so Australia sized continents with one very large one (say about the size of South America) in its southern hemisphere. Each continent supported a multitude of lifeforms each one being very ecologically diverse. The Xindi primates and their arboreal cousins came to dominance in the forest regions of the largest continents. The Insectoids flourished thanks to hive structures in the deserts where they lived below the Avians in their adobe like cities high in the crystal mountains, in the rainforests the reptilians began to create an intricate society. Last but not least the aquatics began making homes in large coral reefs. No species rose to dominance and if not for the work of the preservers the Xindi may have become an evolutionary dead end. Xindus had been something of interest to the Preservers for a long time. They decided that the multitude of near sentient species was something that was worthy of their influence they relocated each Xindi species to seperate continents (with the exception of the aquatics). There they used terraforming technology to geographicaly isolate each continent. The Xindi species separate from each other managed to flourish for thousands of years, it wasn't until the first Avian managed to fly to the home of the primates did any conflict arise. For nearly 5000 years the Xindi fought and squabbled with each other several world wars broke out and in their 5th world war antimatter weapons were used on the Avians who at that point were the most dominent species. Xindus had turned from a lush jewel in the stars to a scarred battlefield. The destruction of the Avians and the enviornment of Xindus convinced the rest of the Xindi that a peace must be established. For the first time in 5000 years the whole of Xindus banded together to leave Xindus and find a new homeworld. They wandered throughout the Delphic Expanse for years until the Sphere Builders made contact with them and directed them to a multitude of worlds to build colonies on.
The Xindi article is from an earlier writing that I included here as it fits into my musings about the Preservers.

(Theory by Razor)

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