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Sporocystian Lifeforms

We know of two definite examples of the Sporocystian lifeforms - the Ocampan Caretaker Array, and Suspiria, from Voyager. Both were members of a race called the Nacene.

I'd like to add a few possible extra members to the Nacene, the Edo God from TNG: "Justice," the Lysian Command from TNG: "Conundrum," and maybe the Providers from TOS: "The Gamesters of Triskelion."

Points in favor of them being Nacene:
  • Edo God takes the external form of a space station just like the Caretaker and Suspiria. The Lysian Command looks exactly like the Edo God.
  • The Providers of Triskelion take the form of large brains without bodies just like the Caretaker and Suspiria. Though the Providers are smaller and do not inhabit a space station, so they may be younger members of the race.
  • The Edo God and the Providers both set down strict laws and protection / provisions for their subject species just like the Caretaker and Suspiria. While there are degrees to how each enforces the laws or how well each takes care of it's subjects, this is a common theme present with all of them.
  • The clearly more advanced Satarrans from TNG: "Conundrum" could not defeat the Lysians after several attempts so were forced to turn to hijacking the Enterprise through brainwashing and deception to get them to try and do it. Could it be that all of their previous attacks were rebuffed by the Lysian Command's main inhabitant? Maybe if the Enterprise had tried to fire on it they would have been destroyed. Or perhaps the Nacene had died like the Caretaker and it was simply inhabited by the Lysians themselves?
  • The names themselves establish a connection... Caretaker, God, Providers. All overseers.
  • While it certainly is possible with the Caretaker's advanced technology - if there were other arrays and members of the species in the Alpha Quadrant (and other quadrants for that matter) it would make more sense that they could pass information on the ships and species of the area between each other - thus making it easier for the Caretaker to find Voyager, the Equinox, Dreadnought, etc. and target them for capture and study.
  • In addition, if there were other stations, the wave effect that took Voyager to the Delta Quadrant would make more sense. As it stands now it would have to come from the Delta Quadrant, grab Voyager, and then reverse course back. If there were other stations it could operate on a similar principle to the soliton wave from TNG: "New Ground" (although clearly much faster) and just push the ship towards the Caretaker who would then grab it when it was in range.
  • The Edo God and the Providers are worshipped and obeyed just like the Caretaker and Suspiria.
While the evidence is circumstantial, I think the coincidences in appearance and behavior bely a connection. And this would certainly explain why the Lysian Command looked exactly like the Edo God.

(Theory by Bond, James Bond)

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